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Backup Maker KS

Makes chronological records of projects.
A project can even be a single file placed in a folder!

When working on any project, it is advisable to periodically make copies of it, because if an error occurs, there is no good result or other problems, you will be able to resume it very quickly.

Copying a project using the copy and paste method day after day is very tedious and error prone.

To make this process more convenient, easy and error free, it is better to use software like: 'Backup Maker KS'.

Just double-click on a shortcut created by this program, the backup process will be done automatically. Even hidden files will be copied. The backup process can be stopped and resumed even after restarting the computer. The resume will start from the pause point.
The program can perform cross-backup (the output folder can be in a folder in the source folder, for example named: "BACKUPS").
Option "train": when the backup process is finished, immediately starting another one (automatically).

The program is created for the Windows operating system.

Version: Free Extra Super
folder deep 3 5 12
count of projects (service) 1 unlimited unlimited
option: 'train'
Price $0 $4 $6

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